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Why choose Hager turning lathes instead of cheap imported products?
Type overview with specifications and woodturning courses

Buy turning lathes, duplicators, additional devices and special products in our online shop! You will find all products with image, description and price.

In our machine engineering works, we produce parts for contract production and design special machines meeting the requirements of our customers. Our machinery includes drilling, milling, turning, punching, edge bending, welding for steel, aluminium, stainless steel as well as 2 CNC lathes and 2 machining centres.

Our new main catalogue

New main catalog H23
  • Turning lathes, accessories
  • Duplicating, wind, carve, drill, sand, balls, rings
  • Tools, woodturning tools, tap drills, dividers, DVD, Woodcut
  • 36 pages - 15.05.2023

Catalogue HDK1600

Katalog HD300A-CNC


Turning lathe with CNC control

7 pages

News / Modifications

Hager Maschinenbau – producer of turning lathes with accessories – Made in Germany

Our core competence is the production of turning lathes, wood turning lathes, sliding headstock lathes.
In our factory in Emmerting, we are producing 10 different types of turning lathes for hobby, craft and the industry.

We offer electronic speed control for different centre distances , pitches and motor capacities. Most models of the type HDE are standard equipped with a rotating headstock.

For enormous work pieces, e.g. barrels, drums, hand rail rings, we produce lathes with 2 heads. With his extensive accessory program, Hager is market leader.

Ball turning device to produce wooden balls, hollowing tool for urns, mugs, wooden jars, pots.

Cross slides, enabling exact turning of wood, thread milling device to mill wooden threads, duplicator to duplicate candle holders, bowls, pepper mills.

Automated duplicator for serial production, mechanical or CNC, for handrail struts, stair rungs, newels, table posts, bed legs, wooden columns. For duplicating, winding, channelling, turning of rings or production of guilloches, we offer Hager accessory equipment.

The steel supports are produced specifically for lathe accessory equipment. Our product range includes high quality HSS turning tools of the make Woodcut and Crown from England.

Adapters for third-party products such as StratosXL, Stratos, Drechselmeister by Neureiter, Elu, Elektra Beckum, Geiger, Hapfo, Jet, Luna, Centauro, Emco, Bernardo, Holzmann, Holzstar, Holzprofi, Hegner, Killinger, Kreher, Magma, Vicmarc, Wivamac, MiniMax, Record are in stock.

Long or short four prong drive centres and heavy live centre points are basic equipment. Nova Teknatool tools, face chuck, screw chucks, pin chuck or collet chuck as well as vacuum chucks are available for clamping.

Knife or hand rests 30 mm or 1” are in stock. Plus steady rests for long, thin parts in different centre heights. All accessory equipment can also be adapted for machines by Drechselzentrum Erzgebirge, Steinert, Killinger and Mitsch.

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